Public libraries are in the business of helping people.
— Chuck Stam, FVRL Board Chair

AT ITS SPRING 2016 strategic planning retreat, Fraser Valley Regional Library Board members were asked a simple question. “What strengths do you want people to associate with Fraser Valley Regional Library?”

Board member responses were incredibly consistent. They want Fraser Valley public library facilities to be family oriented, welcoming to all and reflective of our communities.

In many ways, Fraser Valley Regional Library facilities already have these strengths. Still, we can do more. Strategic planning is designed to help focus the limited discretionary energies of an organization so that ambitions are not lost in the daily business of providing service.

As we try to become an even friendlier organization and even more reflective of each community in the Fraser Valley, we also want to reach out to people and let them know how we can improve their quality of life.

Public libraries are in the business of assuring that communities are places where people want to live and to form businesses, places where residents can explore their curiosities, expand their horizons and add their voices to local, national and international conversations.

I want to thank our staff for participating in discussions about their thoughts and hopes for our future, and I want to thank the many residents of the Fraser Valley who took time to attend public meetings and to respond to our online survey. This plan is more robust because of your contributions.

Board Chair