Welcoming Place


Fraser Valley Regional Library is an essential destination connecting people living, working or studying in our communities. We provide a fun, friendly environment focused on knowledge, creativity and experiences that transform lives.

  • Create a digital library card and evaluate the online customer journey.
  • Identify and explore best practices and strategies for physical space design.

Welcoming Places focuses on what our customers experience when they visit our libraries in person or online. We want people to feel at home, surrounded by a space that is welcoming and responsive to their needs.



Create a Digital Library Card and Evaluate the Online Customer Journey

Customers should have the option to access services without visiting a physical location. Whether browsing online or in library, customers expect a seamless experience that allows them to access what they want, how they want it.

This initiative will support the communities we serve and improve library service by reducing barriers, increasing remote access and moving towards creating personalized experiences for our online customers.


Identify and Explore Best Practices and Strategies for Physical Space Design

We will use a combination of customer feedback, staff recommendations and data acquired through research to make our libraries even more inviting, welcoming and flexible. The emphasis will be practical, implementable projects that:

  • manage noise levels;
  • promote cross-generational use;
  • facilitate collaborative learning experiences; and
  • develop guidelines for the look and feel of physical spaces.

This initiative will support the communities we serve and improve library service by improving the functionality of our libraries by making them more inviting and increasing their popularity by supporting flexible use.